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Winter kit

$159.00 $199.00 saving $40.00
Winter kit

Winter kit

$159.00 $199.00 saving $40.00

This winter kit is everything you need to keep your hens warm during winter, including:

- 1 manual door: 

  • Blocks the cold from getting inside the house where chickens sleep at night. 
  • Can be manually open with an easy access to the handle outside the coop.
  • This door is delivered with all the hooks and string necessary for the set up.

- 4 windows:

  • designed to be as much ventilated as possible without the chickens being sheltered from direct wind. 
  • It's perfectly adapted to run the cable of your heat lamp too.

- 7 UV's panels: 

  • keeps your chickens warm without compromising on the ventilation and design of the coop. 
  • Made out of 4mm thick coroplast, it lets the UVs go through. This means your chickens will stay warm and no moisture will get in the coop. 
  • Easily put in place with tie wraps, your coop will be all ready for winter in just a couple of minutes.