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Chicken coop

$595.00 $1,195.00 saving $600.00
Chicken coop

Chicken coop

$595.00 $1,195.00 saving $600.00
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Our Chicken Coop allows you to produce food in a more sustainable way, directly in your backyard. It’s designed to be durable, secure, soundproof and it’s insulated against the cold. Allowing you to keep your lovely hens happy and healthy during the harsh winter months. The coop is comprised of an upper story house and living area and comes with a nesting box, a perch, a ramp, a fully integrated water bucket, and a feeder. It also features 2 storage boxes that can be used for feed, cleaning tools, or even as garden planters for fresh herbs or flowers.

Our chicken coop is designed to be shipped flatpack and assemble easy. 
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  • Top grade materials such as wood, plastic providing waterproof roofing and mesh wiring for the living area.
  • A very strong mesh wiring provides the living area with a protected and spacious outdoor section for your feathery friends.
  • Accommodates 2 to 3 chickens.
  • Suitable for rabbits, chickens, ducks, poultry, and other pets.
  • Three lockable doors allow easy access to pets and keeps them secure at all times.
  • Upper story windows provide sunlight and free air circulation.
  • Sliding doors allow effortless cleaning access with a garden hose.
  • A movable nesting box for easy cleaning and egg collection.
  • A ramp connects the upper story and the living area.

    Product focus

    Chicken coop
    • Easy to maintain

      Thanks to an ergonomic and intelligent design, all the corners of the chicken coop are easy to clean.

    • Ventilated design

      The wire frame allows constant air circulation. No moisture, no mold, no smell.

    • Resistant materials

      The structure and its components can be cleaned with a pressure washer and will never rust!

    • Easy to assemble and customizable.

      Our coop assembly system is designed to fit all backyards.

    Technical specifications

    • Size

      82.5 inches long, 44.25 inches high and 36.75 inches wide.

    • Legal requirements

      POC POC's chicken coop meets all the legal requirements for any provinces or states in North America