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Chicken coop

chicken coop - pocpoc - urban - chickens - hens - kids

Chicken coop

POC POC's chicken coop allow you to produce food in a more sustainable way, directly in your own backyard.

This is not your average chicken coop:
The eggs come with no smell, no noise & no hassle.
We designed the coop to be durable, impenetrable, s
  • oundproof and insulated against the cold. Yes, you can keep your lovely hens during the harsh winter month.
  • Our chicken coop is designed to be shipped flatpack and assemble easy. Shipping is on us!
    It comes with a pet feeder and a water tank directly integrated in the chicken coop and a nesting box with a perch.

      Product focus

      chicken coop - pocpoc - urban - chickens - hens - kids
      • Easy to maintain

        Thanks to an ergonomic and intelligent design, all the corners of the chicken coop are easy to clean.

      • Ventilated design

        The wire frame allows constant air circulation. No moisture, no mold, no smell.

      • Resistant materials

        The structure and its components can be cleaned with a pressure washer and will never rust!

      • Easy to assemble and customizable.

        Our coop assembly system is designed to fit all backyards.

      Technical specifications

      • Size

        82.5 inches long, 44.25 inches high and 36.75 inches wide.

      • Legal requirements

        POC POC's chicken coop meets all the legal requirements for any provinces or states in North America