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No need to waste your time researching suppliers for hours. POC POC bridges town and country and enables you to get an easy access to getting healthy chickens and all the food and litter you need. 

We work closely with certified farms and green partners to be able to provide you the best experience in terms of raising chickens. 

Meet our green partners !

Générations Grains Natures

Ferme generation grains nature montreal poule moulée 


At Génération Grains Natures, they manufacture and sell their 100% vegetable feed directly on the farm. The grains are grown on their own land or come from local producers. It is kept whole in order to preserve its properties and nutritional value as much as possible, until it's processed. Mineral are added to the grains to supplement the specific feed of the poultry. The grains are ground in different textures to make it more digestible. Each hen is then raised with this specific homemade feed. They are also all vaccinated.


Please check the map to see if there is a farm around your town.
We are working very hard to find farmers around you but if you have any suggestions, please write to us.


Any questions regarding your hens ? Always contact your farm for all questions dealing with chickens.

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