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What exactly does POC POC offer ?

POC POC is a modern, durable chicken coop, designed and built 100% in Canada, specially for urban backyards. It’s perfect for housing two charming chickens who will lay a dozen eggs per week.

POC POC also puts you in touch with a farmer, who’ll help you purchase your chickens and all that’s needed for their care.

Who is behind POC POC?

What guarantee does POC POC offert?

What happens in winter?

Is it legal to have chickens in the city or suburbs?

Can i leave for a while during summer?

What do I do if one of my chickens gets sick?

Even worse, what do I do if one of my chickens dies?

Could my cat or dog go after my chickens?

What do I do if a clever predator seizes my chicken?

Honestly, doesn't a chicken coop stink?

Should my yard be fenced-in?