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Looking At Careers In Applied Math

Mention mathematics careers, and most students will conjure up images of professors or theoretical mathematicians. For some students, this is may not be a desirable career path. As such, they could easily lose interest in pursuing the subject at a more advance level. However, this is definitely not true. In fact, there are several fields of applied mathematics whose students are in great demand in the world.

With this in mind, during the course of our sec 3 A math tuition programs, we always make sure to expose students to potential applied mathematics careers. In doing so, we find that students become more motivated as they can see how textbook concepts can be useful to them and aid them moving forward.

Computer system Programmer

Computer system programmers test and compose code computer application and software program code. These specialists update and increase existing programs, check programs for errors and fix faulty lines of code. Computer engineers are well-versed in a variety of computer languages, including C++ and Java, and jobs need a history in a variety of mathematics subjects.

Clinical Scientist

Clinical researchers create theories and develop studies, often making use of scientific tests and various other investigative techniques to investigate their results. A clinical researcher who does cancer cells research might experiment with a combination of drugs that might slow a cancers progress, for instance. Medical scientists need to have a solid history in organic sciences, physical sciences, and mathematics.


Meteorology is more than just presenting the weather. The function involves studying weather conditions utilizing data accumulated from weather posts, radar, remote sensing units and satellite images across the globe, in order to analyze causes and to create projections. Youll need outstanding IT abilities, in addition to strong abilities in analyzing and deciphering intricate mathematical data.

Occupations in accountancy and finance

A profession in accountancy gives a range of options for math students throughout several industries. Accountancy occupations include roles such as auditor, tax accountant, forensic accountant, management accountant and corporate consultant. To get certified as a chartered accountant, along with an undergraduate degree in mathematics or an associated field, youll likewise need to obtain more specialist certifications. Often, however, if you start at a company as a student in this area, your organization will aid you acquire both the experience and the professional accreditation required to develop in your function.

Actuarial jobs

Actuaries review monetary risk in order to handle and advise customers. Incorporating risk analysis skills with extensive knowledge of business economics and business, actuaries ensure safe investments are made and commercial/business objectives fulfilled. A lot of fresh actuaries begin operating within pensions and insurance policies, a fairly low-risk area, while later on you might get to work in banking, healthcare or investment. Actuarial roles can be client-facing, just like consultancies and pensions/insurance firms, and all actuaries will require the ability of conveying complicated data and evaluations to non-specialists.