POC POC Services

POC POC is a modern, durable chicken coop, designed and built 100% in Canada, specially for urban backyards. It’s perfect for housing two charming chickens who will lay a dozen eggs per week.

POC POC also puts you in touch with a farmer, who’ll help you purchase your chickens and all that’s needed for their care.

POC POC is a project of Étienne Lapierre and Alexandre McLean who also co-founded Alvéole, an urban beekeeping service. They each have over five years of expertise in local, urban food production which have been integrated into the mission of the organization!

The POC POC chicken coop is guaranteed for 30 days. We’ll pay for the return if you are not satisfied. Of course, the chicken coop must be in good condition.

We deliver all over the world! The chicken coop was designed to be sent by mail and easily assembled upon receipt.

Your chicken coop will be sent shortly after the end of our Indiegogo campaign. We will send updates for each step of the production line.

You need to procure the necessary supplies to produce your eggs at home from our online store or from your farmer. Our starter kit costs $140 and includes all that’s needed to take care of 2 chickens for about 4 months:

Of course! All the food we sell on our site is organic. However, we can’t evaluate the layer feed which you purchase elsewhere. You’ll have to check.

Red hens are perfectly adapted to winter - even Canadian winters! The coop is insulated for winter, but if you want to give your chickens a bit more warmth we offer a winter kit on our online store. It includes everything that is needed to winterize your POC POC chicken coop.


Chickens are tolerated pretty well everywhere as long as there are no complaints from neighbours. Things are slowly changing: citizens are becoming more and more open to food production in the urban environment.

However, as you are pioneers, it‘s your responsibility to ensure good communication between you and your neighbours. At POC POC, we believe that social acceptance of such a project is simply a question of education and awareness!`, 'a10': `Not at all : no rooster, no racket! Your coop will be silent…but it’s true that your chickens will cluck with pleasure when you arrive with their dinner!

Not at all! No roosters, no noise! Your coop will be completely silent... but your hens my cluck with pleasure when you bring their meal!

Why not? If you don’t leave for long, you need only ensure that your chickens have all they need to be happy. You can collect the eggs when you return.

On the other hand, if you foresee leaving for more than two days, it’ll be your responsibility to ask for help so that your chickens will be fed, watered and well-loved each day. There’s nothing a friend wouldn’t do in exchange for some organic eggs!

Your chicken is acting strange, or puts all its weight on its backside? This position effectively signals a problem such as fatigue or illness. Panting is the only way a chicken can cool itself off. If your chicken pants with its wings slightly open, quickly offer it water and a cool bath.

Whatever happens, as soon as a doubt arises about the health of one of your dear chickens, separate it immediately from others by putting it in a small enclosed area. Then call your farmer or a specialized vet without delay, exactly as you would any pet.

Even though this scenario is not likely, it is possible that one of your chickens could die. If this were to happen, here is the procedure to follow:

  1. Obviously, do not eat the chicken. We strongly advise you to not consume a chicken that has died of illness.
  2. Find the cause of death. It is preferable to have it examined by a specialized vet to determine the cause of death, unless the reason is obvious.
  3. Dispose of your pet. Consult your city’s or borough’s website to know the procedure to follow in the case of the death of any pet.

You are in the best position to anticipate the reaction of your pets to your new roommates. However, generally, cats and dogs are more afraid of chickens than the opposite.

We know your chickens will become part of your family. Our coops were designed exactly to avoid such a situation. However, even though it’s not likely that a determined predator could enter the coop, it’s not impossible. Here’s the procedure to follow if you have the bad luck to find a dead chicken after such a visit.

Chicken Coop

As for all pets, you must supply food and fresh water for your chickens every day. Plan also for a good cleaning of the coop each week to avoid odours.

Not at all! A good 15 minute cleaning each week is all that’s required to avoid odours. When you buy the POC POC starter kit, you’ll have all the bedding needed for your first season.

It was designed by POC POC.

82.5 inches long, 44.25 inches high and 36.75 inches wide.

Besides the space required for the coop, you should have a bit of grass for your chickens to roam and peck on - under surveillance, of course.

Yes! Consider your chickens as small domestic animals. They should be able to walk around and peck at things freely without escaping!


You can expect 12 to 14 eggs per week.

Absolutely! The quality of a freshly laid egg is unbeatable!