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Starter kit

Starter kit - POCPOCSHOP

Starter kit

POC POC bridges town and country and enables you to establish durable ties with a certified farm specializing in breeding healthy chickens. We also provide all the food and litter you need for the first months.
For Montreal, you can order this starter kit or you also have the possibility to order chickens and the feed directly at Pépinière Jasmin. Please contact them for more info.
For other cities, we have connections with farm in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia.

The kit consists of:

- 2 or 3 laying hens 
- chicken feed (25kg)
- diatomaceous earth  (1kg)
- wood shavings
- peat Moss (3.3 cubic feet)
- oyster flakes (2kg)
- poultry gravel

You can also order the starter kit without chickens.

Note: this starter kit will NOT be delivered. It will need to be picked-up directly at the farm. We are right now collaborating with farms around Montréal, Toronto & Québec City. If you want to recommend a farm to us, feel free to write to us.