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Starter kit

Starter kit - POCPOCSHOP

Starter kit

POC POC bridges town and country and enables you to establish durable ties with a certified farm specializing in breeding healthy chickens. We also provide all the food and litter you need for the first months.

- 2 or 3 laying hens 
- chicken feed (25kg)
- diatomaceous earth  (1kg)
-  wood shavings
- peat Moss (3.3 cubic feet)
- oyster flakes (2kg)
- poultry gravel

You can also order the starter kit without chickens.

Note: this starter kit will NOT be delivered. It will need to be picked-up directly at the farm. We are right now collaborating with farms around Montréal, Toronto & Québec City. If you want to recommend a farm to us, feel free to write to us.