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Understand Egg-laying

Once a day, your chickens stop their activity, climb into the nest and quietly prepare to lay an egg. It’s a ritual that each chicken does instinctively, looking for a secure, calm and peaceful place.

The first chicken that lays in the morning, gives a sort of signal to the others by showing that the location is safe. This is why we often find more than one egg in the same nest.

The nest

The nest is the best place for your chickens to lay their eggs. A chicken could even lay on the ground if she considered it safe enough. However, it would be a drag to find the eggs walked on and broken the next morning…

How to encourage a chicken to lay in the nest.

  • Be sure the nests are clean.
    • Leave a real egg or a plastic egg in the nest for several days. 

    Autumn laying

    In the Fall, the rhythm of your chickens’ laying will slow. This season brings a bunch of changes for your chickens, especially as the days shorten. You will notice that they also go to bed earlier!


    Nov 09, 2018 • Posted by POC POC

    Merci Céline !
    Nous allons écrire un article sur l’ABC des poules!
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    J’adore lire les informations de Poc Poc.
    Donnez plus souvent des informations. Il y a des gens qui me demandent …À part d’avoir un petit poulailler ..que faut il savoir avant d’adopter des poules ? Est-ce compliqué? Il faut souvent répéter l’ABC

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