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Chickens’ Social Organization

Chickens’ Social Organization

Chickens’ Social Organization

No doubt you have noticed: chickens are social creatures – and sociable. However, in addition to their relationship with you, they maintain relationships between them too.

The principle of the ‘clique’

A single chicken, without peers, will not last long. This is why we recommend you adopt two or three. Once grouped, the chicks adopt a hierarchical structure, defined and maintained by pecking order.

Understanding the social structure of your clique

The leader

The runt

This chicken has a stronger character than the others. She will always be the first to eat, drink and lay. She will tend to be more adventurous and stay to the side in order to keep guard: her main responsibility is to watch over the group’s safety.

This position is normally left to the shyest member of the group or the one who likes to complain. Obviously, she will have access to food last. Always give treats to your chickens one by one so that the last little one also gets her ration!

Order and stability

Although the hierarchical order remains stable most of the time, certain situations may cause the chickens to have another look at their social structure:

  • If a chicken dies or gets sick,
  • During a temporary isolation or the introduction of another chicken.

But don’t worry, with your good care, harmony always returns.


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