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5 Tips to Keep Your Chickens Happy in Winter

5 Tips to Keep Your Chickens Happy in Winter

We’ve said it again and again: chickens love winter! In fact, they tolerate the winter cold better than summer’s sweltering heat.

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Much like us, chickens can find winter a bit long. Without the ground to peck and scratch at, their life is much less stimulating. Here are five smart tips to help keep your hens happy during the long winter months.

1) Pamper them!

You can draw them outside for a little walk in the snow with any of these treats they love:

  • A handful of dried mealworms
  • A cabbage or corn cob pulled on a string
  • A good bowl of oatmeal
  • A mix of laying feed and plain yogurt (a real luxury!)

2) Facilitate their digestion

Don’t forget to supplement their food with a bit of gravel.  

3) Prevent the accumulation of humidity

Their comb and wattle can get chapped or even freeze. If that’s the case, apply a layer of Vaseline on the affected area.

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4) Keep their coop clean

Chickens spend a lot of time in the nest in winter. The least we can do is offer them a healthy environment.

5) Eat their eggs, even frozen!

Honour your chickens’ eggs, even in winter! If you gather frozen eggs and their shells are not cracked, you can eat them without worry… once they’re thawed, of course.



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