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Backyard chickens: Your how-to guide

Backyard chickens: Your how-to guide

Today’s the day: you’ve been thinking about offering room and board to a friendly brood for a while now, and you’re finally jumping in with both feet. For your POC POC (and cohabitation experience!) to be positive, you have to be well prepared. To make the process easier, here are 6 tips to help your new project along.

  1. Get informed - and talk to your neighbours
    Before welcoming your flock home, you have to find out whether backyard chickens are legal in your city or borough. Although raising chickens in urban centres is increasingly popular, it’s not tolerated everywhere. Be sure to read up on the rules governing your particular area - here is the list of cities that have green-lighted residential chickens.

    Got your go-ahead? Great. But as a conscientious citizen, it’s probably best to knock on your neighbours’ doors and tell them about the new kids arriving on the block. Just between you and I, your chickens are likely to be much quieter than the dog next door, but that won’t prevent some people from looking at the situation askance. As a pioneer of this citizens’ initiative, you’re responsible for reassuring the people around you. After all, awareness starts with education! Who knows - maybe your enthusiasm will be so contagious that your neighbours will take up your mantle. Together, you could even launch a green alley project. 

  2. Buy the right chicken coop 
    If you live in an urban area, it’s best to buy a modern coop, like those conceived by POC POC, whose size and design are unlikely to ruffle your neighbours’ feathers. Did you know that of all its advantages, our coop is also soundproof? We always aim to make products that are both useful and enjoyable.

    Be sure to keep potential predators in mind. Although they’re rarer in cities than in the countryside, it doesn’t mean that they’re not a threat to your precious hens. Make sure to buy a sturdy coop, and don’t forget to set up your security perimeter: wire mesh will help you and your flock sleep better at night. It’ll protect your chickens and allow them to roam at ease within their enclosure.

    It should be said that pickings are slim when it comes to chicken coops on the Canadian market. In fact, that’s what prompted us to launch POC POC. Our chicken coops are modern and specifically made for all types of urban spaces. You can find out more about our history here

    3. Location, location, location
    It’s a Friday morning, and we’re ringing your doorbell: good news, your coop has arrived. But - wait a minute - before getting started, you have to select the area of your yard where your chickens will live. Ideally, aim for a spot with wind coverage that provides some relief from the sun. You can choose where your coop’s doors are placed thanks to our modular system: it’s that little bit of extra customisation that allows your POC POC coop to integrate seamlessly into your yard. Practical, right? And while we’re talking logistics, know that we deliver your coop directly to your door, free of charge, and that our coop can be assembled in the space of two hours - you’ll receive a step-by-step guide to simplify the whole process.
  1. Pick up your hens
    POC POC is all about making your flock life a clucking success. What with the 9-5 grind, we know that it’s not always easy to take the time to find your chickens, get in touch with ethical breeders, and coordinate material pick-up, all from different locations. But there’s no need to scramble - we’ve thought of everything. Our team works hard with different gardening centres and specialized farms to make sure that everything you need is at your fingertips. With just one click, you can buy our starter kit, which includes everything that’s required to get you through the first few months as a happy flock mom or dad. It even lets you buy up to three beautiful, strapping young hens.

  2. Collect your eggs - and eat them too!
    Give your chickens some love, and they’ll reward your dinner table with a ton of fresh eggs. Want to take the zero-waste movement even further? Why not use chicken droppings as fertilizer?

    Every so often, set your chickens free to roam your yard: it’s a financially responsible and eco-friendly way to fertilize and weed your yard. But, beware: your lovely, chubby chickens may be tempted to pick apart your flowers and vegetables (chickens will eat anything!), so be sure to set up a chicken net 

  3. Keep your chickens healthy, even in winter
    To get through the cooler months, we’ll provide you with a winter kit. Yes, yes - your chickens can thrive, even in the cold! They just need a proper coop to stay healthy.

    Do you wish to know more? Download our free beginner's guide.


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