Produce your eggs from home.

POC POC is a modern chicken coop, specially designed for the urban backyard. It is perfect to host two charming hens, who will lay a dozen eggs a week!

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Modern, durable and 100% designed and assembled in Canada.


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"POC POC chicken coop is perfect for my little backyard in town. What a beautiful project!"

- Johanne, client from summer of 2017

"Our two laying hens, Huguette et Bernadette, are now part of our family."

- Stéphane, client from summer of 2017

Egg production at home. Get cracking!

There’s nothing more local than an egg from your backyard. Eat every day your organic and fresh eggs, laid by two beautiful happy and healthy hens.

14 eggs per week!


It’ll never smell bad. We promise.

The POC POC chicken coop was designed with the smallest details in mind, to avoid bothersome odours for all... your tenants included.

Easy to maintain

Thanks to an ergonomic and intelligent design, all the corners of the chicken coop are easy to clean.

Ventilated design

The wire frame allows constant air circulation. No moisture, no mold, no smell.

Made with resistant materials

The structure and its components can be cleaned with a pressure washer and will never rust!


No roosters ... no racket!

Did you know that it’s only roosters that announce themselves with their famous “cock-a-doodle-doo”? No rooster means no noise...nor any chicks as a bonus!


Impenetrable, even for the most cunning predator.

Reinforced structure, latches and wire frames: even the smartest fox will not be able to penetrate the coop. Your lovely hens will be perfectly safe at all times.


A cosy nest, in winter as in summer.

Polar winds and searing heat have nothing on the design of this coop. The walls are built of smart materials to ensure durable, quality thermal insulation.


Modular, easy to assemble and customizable.

Our coop assembly system is designed to fit all backyards.


More than just a chicken coop: a network of certified farms.

No need to waste your time researching suppliers for hours on end. POC POC bridges town and country and enables you to establish durable ties with a certified farm specializing in breeding healthy chickens.

Health and vaccinations

All the chickens supplied by POC POC partners are vaccinated against all aviary diseases and come from MAPAQ certified hatcheries.

User friendly

No use making multiple stops to find all that’s needed for your chickens. Everything is online and in the same place with POC POC!

Solidarity and trust

Once your chickens are well established, you can count on the expertise of local and specialized farmers.


Design galore.

We weren’t just thinking about chickens when we designed our coop! We were thinking of you. Good design isn’t a simple question of aesthetics.

Quick and easy to maintain

The exterior openings allow for easy and quick addition of food and water.

Designed and built locally

All the elements of the coop were designed and assembled in Canada. A measure of quality, know-how and durability.

Made with intelligent materials

Galvanised steel, anti-rust paint, extruded PVC: a smart selection of materials to guarantee durability.

"Everything has been planned in this chicken coop project; a big part was devoted to the educational dimension, an aspect on which Poc Poc has built its reputation."

- Sophie Suraniti, Le Devoir

January 7 2017

"With their proposal, [the founders of Poc Poc] want to make things moving at a time when regulations seem to be easing in the city."

- Sophie Ouimet, La Presse

February 11 2017

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Starting at $1 200


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